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Today’s online feature from our upcoming issue:
“And the Bow Shall Be in the Cloud”
by Michael Ives

Work from Natural Causes coming later this week:
“After After Nature,” by Ann Lauterbach
“Ventifacts,” by Christine Hume
“The Face Says Do Not Kill Me,” by Miranda Mellis
“After the Jump,” by Matthew Pitt
“The Dead Swan,” by Lily Tuck

Colorado readers, don’t miss our reading
at Boulder’s Innisfree Poetry Bookstore
on May 7th, featuring Graham Foust, Bin Ramke,
Elizabeth Robinson, and Eleni Sikélianòs.

Our Natural Causes issue is now closed, and we are reading for Conjunctions:65, Sleights of Hand: The Deception Issue (Fall 2015) from now through July. Please send us fiction, poetry, and essays on the theme of deception. We’re looking for provocative explorations of worlds in which truth is a fragile, elaborate, and mercurial thing. Some deception is evil, some begets magic. Artifice and artistry, subterfuge and camouflage, all the revelatory technologies of deceit are what we hope to explore in this special issue.

We cannot accept simultaneous or electronic submissions, and writers must include an SASE to receive a reply. For our mailing address and other guidelines, please visit our submissions page.

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