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New to the weekly online magazine:
“Tree Encyclopedia by O. G ham,”
by Monica Datta

Coming next week:
Part I of “A Resistance to Theory,”
a two-week serial fiction by Paul Park

The web-exclusive supplement to our brand-new issue,
Conjunctions:63, Speaking Volumes, features:
“A Broken Set of Dickens,” by Bradford Morrow
“Packing My Library,” by George Prochnik
“Brief, Image, and Etymology: On Reading,” by Ryan Flaherty

And don’t miss full online texts from Speaking Volumes:
“Briefly Considered: Sub-Plots,” by Adam Weinstein
“Three Little Novels,” by Emily Anderson
“Fragments from Lost Zoroastrian Books,” by Eliot Weinberger
“The Particulars,” by Brian Evenson
“Three Found Books,” by Aimee Bender

We’re reading for our May 2015 issue, Conjunctions:64, Natural Causes,
a collection of radical reimaginings of nature writing.

Send narrative nonfiction that focuses on our environment and habitats;
fictions in which landscape is an essential force, perhaps even a character;
ecopoetry; and any form of provocative, innovative writing that confronts the
fragility and the omnipotence of Nature.

For submission guidelines, visit

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