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“Blind in Granada, or, Romance,”
by Edie Meidav

“The Likenesses,”
by Paul Hoover

“From Once into the Night,”
by Aurelie Sheehan

“Seven Pieces on Deception, the Whore, and Anderson, IN,”
by Arielle Greenberg

We are now accepting submissions for Conjunctions:66, Affinity: The Friendship Issue (Spring 2016). Send us provocative, innovative, immaculately crafted poetry, fiction, and narrative nonfiction investigating the phenomenon of friendship in its many forms. Be sure to review our submission guidelines first!

In his Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle proposes that a friend is, in essence, “another self.” Without arguing his point one way or the other, it is indisputable that relationships with our friends are quite nearly as complex as those we have with ourselves—now we’re in perfect accord, now we’re uncertain, now we find fault with our other selves and our own selves as well. Friendships are as mercurial as they are essential. Sometimes we form them early and they last a lifetime; sometimes we believe they’ll last forever but they are sundered by misunderstanding, betrayal, or simply drifting apart. Some friendships are a daily engagement and deeply inform who we are, the decisions we make, and how we think of ourselves. Some friends we may not see for many years, decades even, and when we reunite it’s as if the intervening time has collapsed into nothingness, and the original bond and familiarity remains as strong as ever. Some friendships are formed because of mutual interests and shared circumstances. Yet we also make friends with people who couldn’t be more different, friends our friends can’t stand or understand. Friendships that are fraught, friendships that fade, friendships that are as important to us as our very lives.

We tentatively expect to read for Affinity through February 2016.

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Thursday, December 3rd, in NYC, Book Culture hosts the release reading for Conjunctions:65, Sleights of Hand: The Deception Issue, featuring Laura van den Berg, Gwyneth Merner, and Porochista Khakpour, introduced by editor Bradford Morrow. Click here to learn more or RSVP and share the reading on Facebook.

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