Kerry Miller, Brehm Djurens Liv (Animal Life) vol 14, 2013, mixed media, 16" x 11.5" x 2.5". Credit: private collection, USA. Artist represented in USA by Lawrence Cantor Fine Art, Los Angeles. Copyright © Kerry Miller 2014; all rights reserved by the artist.
Speaking Volumes

Fall 2014
Edited by Bradford Morrow.

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Writing about writing itself and about the books that are home to the written word. A library of ideas about language and the book in all their forms, Speaking Volumes collects poetry, fiction, and narrative nonfiction on historic, forbidden, repurposed, mistranslated, imaginary, lost, and life-changing books—books of every ilk.

Online-exclusive supplement to Speaking Volumes:
George Prochnik, Packing My Library

Ryan Flaherty, Brief, Image, and Etymology: On Reading

Bradford Morrow, A Broken Set of Dickens

Samuel R. Delany, From Eclipse: A Romance

Melissa Pritchard, On Bibliomancy, Anthropodermic Bibliopegy, and The Eating Papers; or, Proust’s Porridge

Edwidge Danticat, Please Translate

Elizabeth Robinson, Four Poems

Frederic Tuten, Some Episodes in the History of My Reading

Julia Elliott, Bride

Paul Hoover, Five Poems

Aimee Bender, Three Found Books

Robert Kelly, The Book: Prelude, Andante Dolente, and Fantasia

Cole Swensen, On Walking On

Rikki Ducornet, Brightfellow

Emily Anderson, Three Little Novels

Nathaniel Mackey, Lone Coast Rescension

Laynie Browne, Letters Inscribed in Snow

Adam Weinstein, Two Essays

Chris Tysh, Ravished

Minna Proctor, On Translation’s Inadequacies

Eliot Weinberger, Fragments from Lost Zoroastrian Books

Edie Meidav, From the Dung Beetle’s Perspective

Paul West, Memo to My Muse

Ranbir Singh Sidhu, The “Lost” Chapter of John Jourdain

Maxine Chernoff, Three Poems

Anne Waldman, Offworlds

Brandon Hobson, From The Book of a Thousand Deaths

Donald Revell, The Watteau Poem

Carole Maso, World Book

Elaine Equi, Mystery Poem

Andrew Mossin, From The Book of Spells

Joyce Carol Oates, The Childhood of the Reader

Daniel Nadler, From The Lacunae

Rebecca Lilly, Rubrics

Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Pages from Days and Works

Brian Evenson, The Particulars

Joanna Scott, The Knowledge Gallery