Joseba Elorza (aka MiraRuido), Invasion, digital collage, 2013. © Joseba Elorza 2016; all rights reserved by the artist.
Other Aliens

Fall 2016

Coedited by Bradford Morrow and Elizabeth Hand.

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“Alien” is a powerful and flexible word. Aliens are Other, aliens are the stuff of science fiction and fantasy, aliens are traditional literary figures who, when we witness our “normal” lives through their strangers’ eyes, cause us to see ourselves anew. Indeed, we become the unfamiliar ones.

This provocative issue collects works of literary science and speculative fiction: innovative short stories, poetry, and essays that explore the vast precincts of unfamiliarity, of keen difference, of weirdness and not belonging.

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Web-exclusive supplement to Other Aliens:
Alex McElroy, There Are No Footprints Today

Kate Folk, Heart Seeks Brain

Charlie Jane Anders, Reliable People

Quintan Ana Wikswo and Craig Foltz, The Heart Is an Organ Which Must Be Bled

Leena Krohn, Two Stories, translated by Eva Buchwald

Jeffrey Ford, Not Without Mercy

Julia Elliott, Clouds

John Crowley, The Million Monkeys of M. Borel

Laura Sims, Walking Dead Love Songs

Valerie Martin, Bromley Hall

Lavie Tidhar, Tinkerers

Brian Evenson, An Interview with Samuel R. Delany

Matthew Baker, The Transition

Paul Park, Blind Spot

James Tiptree, Jr., Favored by Strange Gods: A Selection of Letters to Joanna Russ, with an introduction by Nicole Nyhan (and hear selections from the letters read by Bradford Morrow, Nicole Nyhan, Ellen Datlow, Micaela Morrissette, and Ashley-Luisa Santangelo at the Lesbian Herstory Archives)

Michael Parrish Lee, The Showroom Variations

Peter Straub, The Process Is a Process All Its Own

Elizabeth Hand, An Interview with Kelly Link

Madeline Bourque Kearin, Fallout

Jean Muno, Cartoon, translated by Edward Gauvin

Jonathan Thirkield, Two Poems

John Clute and John Crowley, Mysterious Strangers: A Conversation

Joyce Carol Oates, Undocumented Alien

S. P. Tenhoff, The Unrivaled Happiness of Otters

Brian Evenson, Smear

Jessica Reed, Four Atomic Poems

E. G. Willy, Radio City

James Morrow, Noh Exit