Being Bodies

Forthcoming Fall 2017

Edited by Bradford Morrow.

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Until approximately July 30, Conjunctions will consider submissions for the November 2017 issue, Conjunctions:69, Being Bodies, an exploration of the complex circumstances of our flesh-and-blood existence.

Our bodies dance, they’re inked, they contain prosthetics and implants. Our bodies are gendered, though not always correlative with how we perceive ourselves. Some of us use our bodies for violence, others sacrifice our bodies for others. Our bodies are mortal, their days numbered. We do with them what we can and what we will.

Through innovative poetry, fiction, and narrative nonfiction, contributors to Being Bodies will consider bodies as subjects, bodies as objects, bodies as loci of politics, illness, nature, artifice, performance, power, abuse, reward, disgust, and desire.

Authors located in the US must send nonsimultaneous submissions via regular mail, with SASE included. Other important guidelines for US and non-US writers are at our submissions page; please consult them before sending work.

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Nomi Eve, The Body of the Great Writer and the One Hundred Yiddish Writers Who Kept Watch

Edward Carey, The Extraordinary Life and Historic Adventures of a Servant called LITTLE, Written and Drawn by Herself

Forrest Gander, Ruth

Stephen O’Connor, Little Rooms

Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Body Politic: A Tenso

Samantha Stiers, House of Virgins

Bin Ramke, Four Body Poems

Gregory Norman Bossert, Left Hand Jane

… as well as new work by Michael Ives, Rosamond Purcell, and many others