Without a Body
Kilby Smith-McGregor

CHAPTERS (or read all)

V.                 (in which—sea monsters—and Ava’s wedding ring is returned to Jacob by a female police officer)

IV.                 (in which—the clavicle—Jacob refuses to fill out a form, and very little can be done without a body)

III.                 (in which—division—Jacob studies causal relationships and the possibility )

II.                 (in which—the dream of

I.                 (in which


Kilby Smith-McGregor holds an MFA from the University of Guelph, and has received the Writers’ Trust of Canada’s Bronwen Wallace Award. Her fiction has appeared in Dublin Quarterly and Descant, as well as Brick, where a personal essay taking up themes of “Without a Body” is forthcoming (Summer 2013).